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Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris, France) - Dogue fighting wolf.


Who we are:


   Hello and welcome to our website. As for many other enthusiasts, my first bordeaux experience consisted of watching the 1989 movie, Turner and Hooch. At the time, I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was the spark that lit my curiosity in regard to finding more about that "Hooch dog" aka the Dogue de Bordeaux.

    I got my first Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff), in the year 2000, while living abroad.
I fell in love with the breed instantly and since then, I have waited for the opportunity to start a kennel and hopefully to be able to contribute to this extraordinary breed.

   This became a reality after my return to the US and settling down in NC, when I was eventually able to get my second Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff), 

   Shortly after, I met my wife, who now shares my passion for the bordeauxs. We both enjoy keeping our dogs active, happy, and healthy. Our dogues de bordeaux are our fur-kids and we strive to keep them in top shape as well as stimulated mentally and physically; being active and having the adequate nutrition is key to maintaining overall health.

   I am grateful to have had the opportunity to gain experience with this breed by networking with other breeders and being involved with conformation events both under the FCI system (while living abroad) and the AKC system, here in the US.
While being here, we have had the opportunity to build great friendships with other fellow dogue de bordeaux (French mastiff) breeders that share our passion and our goals.

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              About our kennel:


   We chose to name our kennel "Palma Ut Incendia Diabolus" in the honor of the great heritage of the Dogues de Bordeaux (French Mastiffs) as ancient warriors who, over the centuries, guarded their masters with such dedication and vigilance that it almost led to the extinction of this extraordinary breed during the second World War. We can only imagine what sight it may have been centuries ago to meet the ancestors of today's dogues on the battlefield or in the arena; although today's dogues may share some ferocious physical resemblance to their ancestors, in truth, they are the kindest, gentlest, and most dependable friends and family members one could ever have.

   Our dogues de bordeaux (French mastiffs) are our passion. We are doing what we are doing because we love our dogues and we love the breed. We do not do this for financial gain and we feel that believing that being a breeder will make one rich is ignorant to say the least. Both my wife and I work in the health care field. Our passion for the dogue de bordeaux (French Mastiffs), fills our spare time and brings us joy and energy when we are down and/or tired. Although it is very time consuming and financially demanding, our bordeaux family truly makes it worthwhile.

                                  Our breeding practices:

Being members of the health care field, we came to understand very quickly that there is a very strong correlation between the very narrow gene pool of the dogue de bordeaux (French mastiff) and the health issues that the breed is prone to. Genetic diversity is key to good health for any type of animal including dogs. As such, mutts or mixed breed dogs are overall more healthy than pure bred dogs because in order to obtain any particular breed, at some point in time someone inbred some dogs in order to obtain puppies that closely resemble each other and the parents. When line breeding or inbreeding, breeders hope to double up on certain good genes that will make the dogs they produce better. However, there is a high chance of doubling up on certain bad genes as well. Line breeding is a great tool only when used in moderation and with high quality stock.

   In the case of the dogue de bordeaux (French Mastiff), the breed already is very prone to an entire list of problems due to the narrow gene pool. As such, inbreeding may allow one to obtain a whole litter of great looking puppies that resemble each other very closely, but who eventually start developing epilepsy, congenital heart disease, etc.

  We decided that it would be wiser to produce some genetic variety within our lines as well as the breed as a whole by breeding healthy bordeaux that are very similar in type but genetically different as much as possible. This increases the chance of producing dogues that have new combinations of genes and that have a much higher chance of being healthy mentally as well as physically. We accomplish this by researching pedigree lineage and seeking out lines that are not over-bred and are free of high incidence of congenital problems. Please keep in mind that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT DOGUE; IF THERE WAS, NOBODY WOULD PART WITH HIM/HER. Also, even the BEST DOGUES in the world will produce some puppies that will show issues that are not found in the parents. That is why it is very important to get a puppy from someone that will offer a WRITTEN HEALTH GUARANTEE. The most suitable dogs for breeding are not necessarily the ones with the most show titles (those can and often are bought) but the ones that are true to the breed and will produce the highest percentage of healthy puppies that share the breed type of their parents. We strive to produce bordeauxs that are true to type but have the robustness and health of working lines.

   By networking with other breeders, we were able to find others that share our views and that collaborate with us for the betterment of the dogue de bordeaux (French Mastiff) breed as a whole.

   We are involved with enthusiasts and other breeders locally, at a state/region level, nationally and internationally - our puppies have not only found homes locally in North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), Tennesssee (TN), and Georgia (GA), but far beyond local and neighboring state borders, with inquiries as far as Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia. We are able to ship internationally, but, if possible, we preffer to avoid exposing puppies to lengthy quarantine procedures that imposed by certain regions. 

   In regard to our involvement with AKC conformation events, we are not keen on the politics that are most frequently burdening these events and are not involved with campaigning any of our dogues because we feel that this does not help the breed. However, we do believe that being involved with some of these events in MODERATION is very important. It helps promote the breed as a whole, have fun, see what is out there, as well as to find like-minded individuals and potentially good matches for our dogues. The North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia area has not been very popular in regard to dogue de bordeaux (French mastiff) conformation events. In the past couple of years, we have started to build some of the local North Carolina shows to serve the local enthusiasts and dogues that would otherwise have to travel far longer to attend any events. As such, we have created the South Eastern Dogue de Bordeaux Show group on Facebook that we hope will serve as a tool for members to keep in touch and collaborate in making these events happen. We are hoping to attract likeminded participants that would help us promote cleaner events that are all about these dogues instead of their owners. For the moment we are striving to build the events in larger central cities like Raleigh and  Greensboro, but we hope to expand as we get more popularity. If you would like to attend, please shoot us an email or look for us on Facebook.


Our Ideology:

- Treat the Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) with love and respect; they are MUCH MORE than "just dogs"

Educate the Bordeaux without abuse; give them the time and attention they deserve

Cherish the moments spent together and allow them to be a part of your life

- Give the Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) as much freedom as possible, but keep them from getting hurt; provide them with more than just food, water, and shelter - give them the love they deserve

- Respect fellow the breeders and enthusiasts, the veterans as well as the beginners; we all started the same, learning from each other and from our dogues

- Do not take take advantage of people lacking the knowledge regarding the Dogue de Bordeaux(French Mastiff); educate and respect them as you were or would have desired to be educated and respected in the beginning

- The health of our Dogues de Bordeaux (French Mastiffs) comes first; in spite of this breed's very narrow gene pool, as breeders we strive to produce the most sound individuals and prevent further inbreeding by seeking to breed dogs that are similar in type but genetically different as much as possible. As such, we increase the chances of producing dogs that are much more diverse from a genetic standpoint and therefore are more sound both physically and psychologically.

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